Amazing Wrinkle Serum here at last!

Dr. Dixon's One-Drop, Once-a-Day WRINKLE SERUM™ Gold rebuilds your skin from the inside out.  A combination of nature's finest ingredients plus peptides offers you the vital ingredients needed to stay younger longer.  Here's why:

WRINKLE SERUM™ does these seven things

1.  Detoxes, Repairs or scavenges damaged cells
2.  Improves microcirculation (great for couch potatoes and smokers)
3.  Increases collagen deposition (we all need that)
4.  Relaxes superficial facial muscles (Yes, relax)
5.  Refines fine lines and WRINKLES (active wrinkles)
6.  Decreases dark circles (from improved blood flow)
7.  Improves pore size (with time you'll notice this)

Wrinkle Serum™ delivers on its promises.  Apply one drop each morning and night after washing your face with the Clarisonic brush.  It's true.  You only need one drop.  Early breakouts signal that Wrinkle Serum is working to detox your skin.  You'll notice a change in about 30-60 days and after 3 months you'll see your skin is healthier overall.  That's because Wrinkle Serum offers the skin a way to repair and rebuild itself with each generation of new cells.  Make sure to put Wrinkle Serum on first after cleansing your face.  Anything else you add should go on top of Wrinkle Serum after it has dried pretty well.  You do not need any additional moisturizers with Wrinkle Serum.